A market leader with a sustainable conscience

The term sustainability typically is associated with anything environmental – green fields and blue skies if you will. One thing people tend to forget is the cross over sustainability has with businesses – whether this be in definition or in practise.

In light of this, the Cambridge dictionary offers two definitions for the term1:  

  •  “The quality of being able to continue over a period of time” 
  •  “The quality of causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore being able to continue for a long time” 

Whilst the definitions of sustainability usually operate in silos, the ones above neatly capture the relationship between time and the environment. Within business “the quality of being able to continue over a period of time” is the pinnacle of success, measured by profit. However, whilst the bottom line for the majority of businesses is in fact profit, the Triple Bottom Line framework outlines how social and environmental concerns are equally as important 2. In recent years, with the wave of sustainability pouring into business models, we are led to believe that environmental concerns are becoming more of a priority for businesses.  

But do businesses really care? Or is this a marketing ploy to enhance brand image?   

Greenwashing, also known as “green sheen” refers to the process of capitalising on the growing sustainable market by deceiving consumers to believe a company is more sustainable than they really are3. As the demand for sustainable products and services are rising, it is easy for a business to say they are sustainable to improve their brand image. However, in the age of omni-channel marketing and the rise of cancel culture, it is equally easy for business and brands guilty of green washing to be easily exposed. 

Virtual Visitor can help you authentically evidence that you do truly care. That sustainability is a core pillar within your business model.  

We believe facilitating safe, sustainable and successful brand engagement opportunities no longer need to be mutually exclusive considerations.   

The time for making excuses is over, there is a better way, a more conscious choice.  Enabling brand engagement without the environmental impact of years gone by, Virtual Visitor is the answer. 

From spotting the peaks of the Himalayas from India, to dolphins in Venice, to goats taking over Llandudno, the pandemic has evidently forever changed both the business and the environmental landscape. The real question is… 

Are you ready to embrace the future and create sustainable and successful brand experiences? 

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