A True SaaS platform

The arrival of a true SaaS platform

Virtual Visitor has recently introduced another leap forward in its virtual event environment offering. In the past, every Virtual Visitor environment had been a standalone installation, requiring developer and DevOps support. This is now a thing of the past.

Unveiling a brand-new multi-tenant system, Virtual Visitor now has the capability to support one single installation and one code base hosted in the cloud, making Virtual Visitor a true SaaS platform.

So, what does this mean in plain terms?

Well, setting up environments is now a swift and cost-effective process that can be done entirely from within Virtual Visitors team’s admin panel. With this comes accessibility, compatibility, and operational management as just a few of the key advantages.

This makes the Virtual Visitor easily compatible for partner support, enabling them to generate their own fees for strategic planning, 3D environment design, content creation and more. Moving forward, this strips away the worry surrounding time and the cost involved in building and maintaining the platform.

With the ambition to continue to evolve a new class of marketing focussed on brand engagement portals, Virtual Visitor has an exciting roadmap of platform developments coming soon.

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