Bring your story to life

Bring your story to life.

Sit back, have a coffee. Enjoy the story.  

A lot of our childhoods involved people reading us stories. Whether it was action, fantasy or fairy tales, being transported into another world is always something that excites and sparks our imagination. Picture books were one of our personal favourites, making the words come to life and dance off the page, making characters so vivid it’s like they were with you.  

Storytelling is an art form and is heavily interlinked with emotion. @BDB1 outlined the different plot types within a story from the quest and comedy to tragedy all evoking different types of emotion. That’s the other thing. Emotion is incredibly important when telling a story. You could have an amazing plot line but with no emotion, it’s not a great story. That’s true for your business too. You could have a great proposition but if you have no emotion or connection with your audience (or readers) then what’s the point?  

Storytelling impacts the experience your audience has with your business. If you don’t tell them a story, they won’t be invested. You want people to have that feeling of wanting to turn the next page. Think of the next page as the next stage of the buyer’s journey, taking your prospective customer from unaware to advocacy through a series of interconnected, bitesize stories. You NEED them to turn the page, or risk closing the book forever.  

See, the problem is, you could have the best story but you just aren’t communicating it effectively. Sometimes it’s easy to just write lots of words – focussing on an inside / out tale.  Waxing lyrical about your people and products without care or consideration for the interests of your reader. You run the risk of boring your audience and it goes without saying, this is the wrong kind of emotion.

Tell your stories across integrated content, with a strategic blend of videos and presentations, use custom made environments and avatars to shine through and represent what you want to say. Remember, stories don’t have to be linear, they can be about the all-encompassing big picture too.

Think of our virtual environments as though you are walking through a book, that book being about your brand. Use different mediums to excite your audience and make them want to know more about your business. Keep them engaged. You don’t want your story to be a tragedy. You want them to turn the page. Virtual Visitor allows visitors to come into your brand narrative and be a part of your continuing story.