Increase your impact with miniaturisation

Increase your impact with miniaturisation

A well-known downside of physical events is that it can be difficult to effectively showcase your products, concepts and prototypes. With an often overwhelming number of exhibitors in attendance, it can be difficult to take centre stage and have all eyes on you. With the significant amount of money invested into event attendance, and brand awareness no doubt acting as a key metric to measure event success, the need for attendees to sit up and take notice of your brand is imperative.  With your biggest competition only metres away, the challenge of cutting through the traffic has never been more difficult.  Any products you do choose to showcase are normally done so with a concession or compromise.  Whether it’s limited floor space, load-bearing walls or ceiling height restrictions, bringing your products to life on a physical exhibition stand is easier said than done. What about products too small for the naked eye to review and appreciate.  Often a B2B brands products form a component part of an end market use application, meaning bringing a solution to life in a physical format is nigh on impossible. 

So, we killed two birds with one stone.  

However, the issue we are discussing in this blog is around miniaturisation. Not in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids way, but in a Honey This Product Is Amazing, And We Have Had No Way of Showcasing Its True Potential Until Now kind of way. With limited space and limited capabilities, we don’t think you should ever have to shrink your value and opportunities just to cater to the physical limitations.  

A cool thing that we do at Virtual Visitor is showcase your products using 3D modelling and augmented reality, bringing to life the microscopic elements of your business. This way, it does your product justice, and you don’t need to compromise the value or complexity of it.  Your global visitors, no matter whether in person or virtually attending your showcase can pick up, zoom, rotate, look through and even break down your miniature sized solution. 

What we’re trying to say is, imagine trying to showcase a molecular-sized ingredient or component. In a physical stand, you could blow up a huge picture of it or maybe even have a large model. With Virtual Visitor, you could house your whole exhibition inside it… if you wanted to.  

The problems of yesterday like how best to highlight tricky products are over. With the modern shift into virtual/hybrid events, now is the time to make people see how big your miniature products can be. 

So why settle for being small?