Industry Authority In The Digital Era

Industry Authority In The Digital Era

In 2021, shouting into the digital abyss alongside your competitors has once again become a prevalent issue. The decimation of the physical events and exhibitions calendar, left marketers across the globe paralysed.  Their main source of brand awareness and lead generation had disappeared over night, leading to a frenzy of lazy and ill-considered bait piece content and cannon fodder social media posts in attempt to fill the void.  Digital “noise” was louder than ever, but cutting through the noise continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing the modern-day marketer. 

The bold and the brave businesses and brands, saw opportunity amongst the chaos and started searching for the solutions and the technology to fast-track them into tomorrow. 

Let’s start with the question, what is industry authority and how can you stand amongst the giants in your field? 

To put it into simple terms, gaining industry authority is done by achieving success through thought leadership, coupled with  an authentic entrepreneurial spirit.  

One of the most common ways of brands attempting to cut through the digital noise in most recent years has been the evolution of organic social channels, utilising social media in attempt to grow their brand awareness and gain traction with their desired pool of prospects 

However, with the number of brands clambering for attention across the respective social media channels increasing, it is now not enough to simply post content onto a feed at irregular intervals.  It is time to accelerate tomorrow’s initiatives by looking ahead, adopting a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement 

With events, exhibitions, conferences, customer events and even employee engagement becoming inaccessible due to the pandemic, the virtual world had to step up its game. Many stakeholders became fatigued of webinars, teams and zoom calls. Other brands jumped on the virtual events scene, only to deliver a flat, lifeless, linear customer experience, which if anything detracted from the brand they were so desperately trying to maintain or rebuild mid-pandemic. Death by PowerPoint had a resurgence through faceless, generic presentation walkthroughs, all delivered from the safety of behind a screen, where you weren’t even sure if your audience were watching, let alone engaging.  Your stakeholders deserve better. 

Amongst the underwhelming virtual revolution, a new player was in development – Virtual Visitor. 

Creating environment and stakeholder experiences as unique as you are, accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time to showcase exactly what your brand is all about. 

There is now no excuse to be sitting behind your competitors. How much market share can you afford to lose to the businesses and brands who have embraced rapid digital transformation? Showcasing authentic agility and leading the way in offering brand experiences beyond the physical limitations of the real world. 

Gaining industry authority and taking the next steps towards your next major breakthrough in stakeholder engagement is closer than you think.    

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