Let’s talk about avatars not the blue ones

Let’s talk about avatars…not the blue ones.

Unless you’re in the digital marketing space, when we say the word “avatar” it’s probably difficult to not think of the cool blue James Cameron ones. However, from movies and games to the world of digital, avatars have transformed the way we can portray ourselves and our businesses online. 

The definition of an avatar in the technology industry is as followed:  

“A static or moving image or other graphic representation that acts as a proxy for a person or is associated with a specific digital account or identity, as on the internet” 1 

The key part being, a graphic representation that is associated with a specific identity. Avatars are growing in popularity within the digital marketing industry, whether they are being used to represent a customer profile or you use them personally to digitally represent yourself. 

There are many benefits to using avatars in your digital marketing strategy. Whether this is to add a level of realism to your customer profiles or to enhance your user’s experience. However, whilst using avatars adds a certain level of personalisation, if everyone is using the same avatars…that is hardly personal. 

At Virtual Visitor, we pride ourselves in creating bespoke environments for our clients, each one being totally unique from another. Avatars play a fundamental role in bringing our environments to life. When creating this virtual reality, we found it to be important to make it as realistic and bespoke as possible.  

When talking about personalised avatars, the same question from clients always comes up, “can you make me as an avatar?” The answer is of course, yes. Yes, we can!  

Having you in the environment helps humanise and quite literally puts your face to the brand. We all know by now that adding that personality and human element to your brand is an important factor in building those interpersonal relationships across your key stakeholder groups. 

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