Beyond the Physical Limitations

Look Beyond the Physical Limitations of Virtual Events

This past year has highlighted how unprecedented circumstances can create shock waves through society, disrupting daily routines and behaviours globally. Alongside the fragility of our habits, our reliance on technological advancements has also been pushed to the forefront of our culture. Despite being dependent on devices and a stable Wi-Fi connection, this change in society has allowed us to transcend beyond the physical limitations of the real world.  

With technological developments quickly accelerating, our human capabilities in the ‘real world’ compared to our world on-screen can feel behind the times. With our patience shortening whilst loading times become minute, getting frustrated by the constraints of reality is unsurprising. At Virtual Visitor, we understand the frustrations of being governed by your environment. An environment that may not represent the agility of your brand. An environment that hinders ambition. Therefore, we created the ultimate brand engagement portal. 

With a plethora of underwhelming virtual events saturating the market, Virtual Visitor was designed to help revolutionise the digital landscape whilst simultaneously creating a new class of marketing. To do this, we had to understand the physical limitations of the real world to create the perfect technological solution.  

The three main limitations that we identified include:  

  • Imagination, 
  • Sustainability and,  
  • Time  


Imagination is an integral pillar of Virtual Visitor, and whilst imagination typically has positive connotations, in the technological landscape, it can easily become your main limitation. The constraints of the physical world can easily diminish creative and innovative ideas. However, Virtual Visitor aims to create brand experiences where the only limit is your imagination.   


We know the buzzword of the 21st century is sustainability. Unfortunately, we also know that brands often use greenwashing tactics to appeal to the masses without meaning it. This paradox creates distrust between brands and their consumers due to the high demand for transparency. Virtual Visitor has been established to create sustainable experiences, without the moral implications that come with hosting a physical event. This way, your brand can showcase products, improve stakeholder relations, and build brand awareness in line with your sustainable values.  


Time. Arguably the most important metric that is widely undervalued. A core component of Virtual Visitor is providing  brands with the conscious choice  to move beyond episodic, time, budget and environment burning events of the pastand embrace the future of technologically accelerated brand engagement. Beyond the limitations of the physical world, our perpetual brand portal ensures that you can target global visitors, consuming only content of relevance to their specific interests, at a time that suits them.  

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