The Story Behind Virtual Visitor

The Story Behind Virtual Visitor

The Story behind Virtual Visitor  

The story of Virtual Visitor lies on the shoulders of Matt Smith – Founder & CEO and Co-founder & CTO, Oliver Brewood. Following a caffeine-induced brainstorm into how to tackle the collapse of physical events during early 2020, the pair began searching for a solution that supported the portfolio of international businesses and brands under their stewardship at the international B2B marketing communications agency – BDB.  

With Matt providing the vision and Oliver heading the technical lead, they searched for a solution that confidently addressed the full suite of marketing and communications objectives that were in desperate need of sustaining. Sadly, they were searching in vain and were left completely underwhelmed by the existing solutions available in the webinar and virtual events space. 

Rather than making what they felt were unnecessary compromises or concessions in the practical development, they decided to utilise the intellectual creativity of BDB by pooling the brainpower and skillsets of 50 of the very brightest minds in marketing and communications to help design the ultimate solution. 

An idea evolved that acknowledged the non-linear nature of the modern day buying cycle, one that allowed visitors to “choose their own destiny”.  Educating themselves with only the content of relevance, at a time that suited the visitor.  An immersive, integrated experience, allowing a visitor to get under the skin of a business or brand providing an intimate level of access showcasing the brand’s people, products, services, and expertise.  A perpetual world beyond physical limitations and compromise. 

Alongside the financial benefits of hosting online events and exhibitions, sustainability was at the core of what Virtual Visitor wanted to offer. Having a zero-carbon footprint was a non-negotiable in bringing an ethical and environmentally friendly vision to life. The idea that started off as a drawing on a napkin quickly gathered pace and now has the capability to bring people from around the world together, in a safe, authentically sustainable, quantifiably successful and visually stunning environment. 

Now boasting 10,000+ visitors, 250,000+ brand engagements, 40+ live events, 420,000+ minutes of live sessions viewed and 5 global territories covered (including China), Virtual Visitor has already made a huge impact on advancing the decimation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic on physical events.   

Stop procrastinating over the return of physical events. Adopt a hybrid approach or fully embrace virtual events. 

Your complete brand engagement experience awaits at Virtual Visitor – get in touch with Matt on [email protected] or book a demo here.