this is bigger than buzzwords

This is bigger than buzzwords.

“Our business is agile, forward-thinking, and innovative!” 

 Does this statement sound familiar to you? Probably. 

The thing is, these are fantastic attributes for a business to have if they actually mean it. We won’t lie to you; we would use these words to describe Virtual Visitor because we know we can put our money where our mouth is and evidence this in a truly authentic way. 

Whether you have seen these words flung around on your favourite brand’s website or even worse, you use them yourself when you don’t actually mean it, this is where we have a problem. However, our problem with popular buzzwords is not what we are actually here to discuss (but between you and me, we could rant about them all day). 

The problem we want to talk about is how businesses actually believe they are ‘forward-thinking’ and ‘innovative’, yet they do nothing around sustainability. Or even worse, they are greenwashing and use ‘sustainability’ as yet another buzzword. Because why not use 20 buzzwords you don’t genuinely mean to describe your business?  


If you haven’t spotted it already, the irony in today’s world is that you can’t be forward-thinking and innovative if you don’t also care about the environment. It is great to think about your future prospects, but sustainability is also a huge part of our future. Let’s not forget about that.  

Only a few decades ago, the vision of the ‘future’ used to be flying cars and robots. However, with billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson recently going to space[1] and the AI market expected to grow 47% in 2022,[2] let us take this time to create a new future. A future where your innovative aspirations and forward-thinking business would boom. A greener future.  

If you have read our blog “The story behind Virtual Visitor” you would have noticed that we often describe ourselves as sustainable and authentic. Not in the buzzword kind of way, in the we actually mean it kind of way.  

Virtual Visitor was created to enable businesses and brands to showcase their products, services, people, and expertise by using a bespoke online platform. This platform, being our brand engagement portal. Creating the solution to problems in the present whilst also addressing problems in the future, we of course considered the sustainability of our own invention. Alongside offering a fully immersive experience, one of our core benefits is that we offer a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to brand engagement. No buzzword can describe that.  

If you consider your business to be forward-thinking, innovative and sustainable yet you are struggling to evidence this, get in touch with us today. 

Let’s create our greener future together.