What is a Brand Engagement Portal?

A brand engagement portal is the essence of Virtual Visitor, offering the ultimate brand experience where your visitors can get to know you, your products, people, and your brands personality. 

One of the many complex facets of brand engagement involves making content pay by targeting the right audiences, at the right time with the right content. A “hit and hope” or “spray and pray” marketing approach is thankfully largely becoming extinct, often burning precious time and resources with little quantified return on investment. The modern day buying journey has seismically shifted and Virtual Visitor’s brand engagement portal has been built from the ground up to align directly with your business needs and the unique needs of your audience. 

Modern day buyers are looking to educate themselves, at a time and pace that suits their bespoke situation.  It’s likely that they don’t want to engage in a full-blown sales call, demo, or presentation until they are convinced you are the brand or business that they wish to build a relationship with. The Virtual Visitor portal embraces a personalised, customer centric experience to facilitate their education, immersing them in your brand, products, expertise and more. This ensures that you are perfectly poised to engage with them when the time is right via integrated tracked visitor interactions, platform analytics and visitor insights coupled with marketing automation and CRM connectivity. Virtual Visitor’s brand engagement portal enables your sales team to achieve more, providing them with the visitor data and insights they need to fuel more meaningful sales and marketing follow-ups. 

Your brand engagement portal is an always-on platform, meaning your visitors can visit for as long as they like. Exploring at a time that suits them, they can consume only the content they desire helping to eliminate guess work or risk of bombarding your contact databases with content of little to no relevance. Building a brand engagement portal brings products and solutions to life like never before, allowing your visitors to explore and interact with your virtual portfolio in an interactive, bespoke 3D environment. The solution offered by Virtual Visitor can feature custom avatars, pedestal rotations, video demonstrations, tear downs and look throughs, as well as augmented reality and access to supporting content. 

For an exclusive experience, keep your visitors engaged in your portal using a genuine two-way interaction featuring live sessions, Q&A’s, polls, conversational marketing, breakout sessions, chat bots, meeting, demo requests and live chats with your team.

The possibilities are endless. Create a future, reimagined where the only limit is your imagination.

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