Why is Gamification Important to Your User Experience?  

Why is Gamification Important to Your User Experience?  

First of all, what is it?  

The term ‘gamification’ was first coined by British computer programmer and inventor, Nick Pelling (for those who remember the game Frak!) in 2002 and went on to hit the mainstream thanks to Foursquare in 2009.   

Twelve years later global gamification is now one of the fastest-growing markets to date with WBOC valuing it at 2.17 billion USD [1]. They go on to explain that “this growth is supported by the increasing recognition of gamification systems as a method to architecture human behavior to induce innovation, productivity, or engagement”[1].   

Inducing the above behaviour aims to create a distinctive buzz and immersive experience around a different form of brand engagement. During an event, this methodology can be used to convert users into sales and contacts with a potential to increase overall profit.   

But just how successful is gamification?   

Whilst we’re aiming at the B2B audience here, the B2C market is rife with brands thinking the same way. M&M’s and KFC (try not to get hungry) have been running online competitions across social channels, as well as creating mobile apps around single food lines to massively increase associated brand awareness.   

One of the biggest examples of success in this area is the ‘Mindful’ meditation mobile app. With their model primarily focusing on the number of days the app has been used, adjoined by a visual reminder encouraging users not to break their ‘mindfulness streak’. Alongside other continuous features on the app, users become evoked at the thought of loss aversion, so continue to interact with a sense of achievement and personal growth.   

Where can I implement gamification?  

Gamification can be implemented across a spectrum of platforms and events, including virtual and hybrid. Proving more than just a gimmick, when implemented effectively it can help uplift the visitor experience beyond any flat, lifeless webinar.   

Hybrid bespoke environments developed by Virtual Visitor can enlighten your audience beyond the normal limitations of the real world. Thinking of the future and not the present, prizes to award visitors could range from free consultations, trials, charitable contributions, sustainability offset contributions and many more. It’s time to think beyond the Amazon vouchers, all whilst educating and embedding key messaging.   

Will my business gain value from gamification?  

Done creatively, strategically, and innovatively enough, yes, your business will gain value from gamification.   

It’s important to remember the aim is to deliver an immersive brand experience that holds the attention of the visitor for longer whilst keeping them immersed in your world. Gamification is an environment built by Virtual Visitor that creates a memorable brand experience for your visitors, bringing your business and products to life.   

Find out more today.   

[1] https://www.wboc.com/story/43625530/global-gamification-market-trend-2021-with-top-countries-data-and-covid-19-analysis-industry-size-future-trends-demand-business-share-manufacture